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Certified Turfgrass Professional

The CTP Program is undergoing administrative restructuring. The demand for the program has forced us to take another look at our behind the scenes processes. Many thanks to Jimmy Viars (committee chair), Scott Caskie, Karen Carter, and many others who are working hard on the process!

Three major changes will be implemented by the first of November: (1) a required two-day training class will finish being developed; (2) one fee will cover the training class, materials, and the subsequent exam; and (3) persons will need to wait at least thirty days after the class before they can take the exam.


Who Should Be Certified?

This program is designed for industry professionals in the mid-atlantic region who desire to demonstrate their mastery of turfgrass establishment and maintenance.


Becoming a Certified Turfgrass Professional requires the successful candidate to demonstrate a wide knowledge of turfgrass management principles and strategies unique to the transition zone. The certification training manual was developed to serve as a comprehensive review of 13 major areas of importance in managing a healthy, environmentally sound turfgrass.